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Resin8 38cm Circular Art Board

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for wonderful wall art
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Perfect for dirty pours, fluid art, geodes and mixed media masterpieces, the Resin8 Circular Art Board is the perfect base for your next masterpiece! These must-have art boards will transform your artwork and allow you to have the full confidence that your artwork will last a lifetime.

Made from innovative aluminium composite, this art substrate is:

  • RIGID (it won't sag or bend)
  • LIGHTWEIGHT (ideal for hanging on partition walls)
  • SMOOTH (perfect for pouring onto)
  • TIME-SAVING (super shiny surface means no need for prep!)
  • STATIC (it won't react to temperature or moisture)
  • VALUE FOR MONEY (you'll need a lot less resin than pouring onto canvas or board)

The board is 38cm in diameter and approx 2mm thick. 

Suitable for all forms of resin art and fluid pouring, these ultra smooth and shiny art panels come with a protective film on top and bottom.

You only need an average of 200g of resin to cover this round board, which is considerably less than the amount you’d use to cover an MDF or Birch Plywood Board. 

Top Tip: Leave the protective film on the bottom while pouring and then you can peel it off once the resin is dry, meaning less spillages and therefore less sanding!

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    38cm x 38cm x 2mm
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    Art Board
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