Resin8 A-List Diva Colour Collection
Resin8 A-List Diva Colour Collection
Resin8 A-List Diva Colour Collection
Resin8 A-List Diva Colour Collection
Resin8 A-List Diva Colour Collection

Resin8 A-List Diva Colour Collection

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Operatic, sassy and glamorous
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The Resin8 A-List Diva colour collection is truly divine. With rich, glamorous and vibrant tones straight from the red carpet, this selection of pigments takes you from the opera to the after party:
  • Lilac Shimmer mica powder
  • Burlesque mica powder
  • Cool Pink mica powder
  • Purple Passion mica powder
  • Gold eco-glitter
  • Gold metallic sand
  • Blue Rinse glass crush
  • Boho colour nuggets
  • Amethyst Purple colour nuggets
This collection contains 4 x small mica powders, 1 eco-glitter, 1 x small metallic sand, 2 x colour shards and 1 mini glass crush.

Resin8 Mica Powder is a high purity, cosmetic grade, pearlescent powder to add gorgeous shimmer to clear resin. The small micron size of this powder gives great cover and dispersion and you only need a tiny amount to create lustrous effects. Our mica powder is vegan friendly, cruelty free and ethically sourced - we do not buy from Indian mines who exploit children as workers. 

We're so excited about our Resin8 Eco-Glitter! Made from sheets of biodegradable mineral mica, this amazing glitter has oodles of sparkle, due to its large particle size, and we think you'll absolutely love it. Our eco-friendly glitter is fine and soft - it gets EVERYWHERE (don't sneeze with an open pot around).

The Resin8 Metallic Sand is natural sand coloured with metallic pigment. Ideal for creating sparkling resin artwork, this colourfast medium grained glass is excellent when used in Resin8 Sculpt & Cast as well as epoxy resin. Use in space and beach scenes, geodes and jewellery to create stunning textural effects.

Resin8 Blue Rinse Glass Crush is a fabulous collection of opaque glass fragments. Designed for building texture into artworks, geodes, druzy jewellery and homeware. Being glass, the colour of the product will not fade over time but will add a great textural focal point to your pieces.
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    12 months
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    4 x small mica powders, 1 x small eco-glitter, 1 x mini glass crush, 2 x colour shards, 1 x small metallic sand