Resin8 Art Board - 25cm Circular Clock
Resin8 Art Board - 25cm Circular Clock
Resin8 Art Board - 25cm Circular Clock
Resin8 Art Board - 25cm Circular Clock
Resin8 Art Board - 25cm Circular Clock

Resin8 Art Board - 25cm Circular Clock

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silent sweep movement
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Revolutionise your resin artwork with our new pre-drilled circular Resin8 Art Boards. Representing the very latest in resin clock surfaces, this art panel is made from top-quality aluminium composite and is non-warping, innovative, lightweight, elegant and professional. Take your resin artwork to the next level!

Advantages of the Resin8 Circular Clock Art Board:
  • NON-WARPING & RIGID (it won't sag)
  • LIGHTWEIGHT (ideal for hanging on partition walls)
  • SMOOTH (perfect for pouring onto)
  • PROFESSIONAL (sleek, contemporary look)
  • TIME-SAVING (super shiny surface means no need for prep!)
  • STATIC (it won't react to temperature or moisture)
  • VALUE FOR MONEY (you'll need a lot less resin than pouring onto canvas or board)
Gorgeously smooth, flat, level and purpose-built to show off beautiful resin wall clocks, the Resin8 Clock Art Board is suitable for all forms of resin art and fluid pouring. Due to the non-porous surface, resin artwork can be created using a fraction of the resin required when using wood or canvas; while unlike traditional wood surfaces, there is no risk of artwork peeling back from the base once cured.

You are invited to explore, experiment and create your best resin artwork yet! Use the Resin8 Art Boards to reach your artistic potential and give your resin clocks the stunning professional finish they truly deserve.
The Resin8 Art Boards are white on both sides (the pouring surface is shiny and the reverse is matte) and covered on both sides with a protective film. The top surface film will need to be removed for the pour. Top tip - leave the protective film on the bottom while pouring and then you can peel it off once the resin is dry, meaning a nice clean surface on the back

This Resin8 Clock Art Board has a 25cm diameter and 3mm depth. It comes pre-drilled with or without a hanging clock mechanism and a choice of hand colours (black with gold centre, all brushed silver or all brushed gold). The sweep (non-ticking) movement requires an AA battery (not included). Please note, once the mechanism is put together and the hands fitted it cannot be undone. The clock hands can be easily cut down and shaped (see image). NB. Once poured, the central hole will need to be sanded/drilled slightly to allow the mechanism to fit.

For more information on the movement that can be supplied with these boards, please visit our Clock Movement product page.

Endorsed by multiple resin artists, including the creator of the freeform resin geode Cheryl Tomline of Little House Crafts, these must-have art boards will transform your artwork and allow you to have the full confidence that your artwork will last a lifetime. Don't just take our word for it - here is what Cheryl has to say:

"Gone is the need for a base coat of clear resin, these new art boards by Resin8 allow the resin to flow freely over the surface. You only need an average of 300ml of resin to cover the 60cm X 40cm panels which is considerably less than the amount youd use to cover an MDF or Birch Ply Board. I love these new rectangular and round art boards by Resin8 - an absolute must if you want a professional finish to your artwork". Little House Crafts | October 2018
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  • Size:
    40cm round x 3mm depth
  • Colour:
    Brushed Stainless Steel
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Caroline Bond - Dorking, UK
These panels are just a joy to work on. Completely smooth, lightweight and warp-free. The resin can be peeled off the sides and back when finished so no more dreaded sanding! I am so pleased with the result :)