Resin8 Slowcure Epoxy Casting Resin - 1.5l Kit
Resin8 Slowcure Epoxy Casting Resin - 1.5l Kit
Resin8 Slowcure Epoxy Casting Resin - 1.5l Kit
Resin8 Slowcure Epoxy Casting Resin - 1.5l Kit
Resin8 Slowcure Epoxy Casting Resin - 1.5l Kit

Resin8 Slowcure Epoxy Casting Resin - 1.5l Kit

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Solvent free, crystal clear casting resin
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1litre of Slowcure Epoxy Resin and 500ml Slowcure Epoxy Hardener - our maxi-size for tabletops and large castings. Resin8 Slowcure Epoxy is is a crystal clear epoxy casting resin for use in jewellery, sculpture and art. We believe it is one of the best hard curing, water-clear casting resins on the market in the UK.
For specific technical information about mix ratio, pot life etc, please expand the 'Specifications' box at the bottom of the listing.
General Information about Resin8 Slowcure Epoxy Resin
This resin is specifically designed for deep casting in decorative applications, making it perfect for bangles, paperweights and even river tables! Cast into silicone moulds with this low viscosity resin and use for laminating, sealing artwork, embedding electronic components and filling gaps in wood. Colour this resin with any of the non water based pigments available from Resin8 and try embedding objects or adding mica powder & glitter to make keepsake items. Please be aware that adding anything to epoxy resin will change its chemical properties.

Why choose Resin8 Slowcure Epoxy Resin?
  • CRYSTAL CLEAR - Totally clear resin, UV stabilised with excellent visual properties
  • SAFE - Solvent free, non-flammable
  • THIN - Low viscosity, minimal bubbling
  • EASY - Long pot life, 2:1 mix ratio
  • BEAUTIFUL - the perfect resin for clear casting 
Resin8 Slowcure Epoxy Resin - "it's worth the wait"

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Health & Safety
Resin8 Slowcure Epoxy Resin is a modern formulation of the safest epoxy chemicals available. However, all epoxy resins are chemicals and they do come with Health & Safety implications.
  • You MUST wear nitrile gloves (or use a specialist resin barrier cream on your hands)
  • You MUST wear a respirator when sanding partially cured resin
  • Ensure you work with this resin in a well ventilated room
  • We advise you to wear safety goggles
  • Avoid skin contact
  • We advise against eating, drinking or smoking while working
  • In case of eye contamination wash with plenty of water for 15 minutes and consult medical advice immediately
Here are the important downloads which we advise you to read before you start working with this resin:
More information on health & safety while working with epoxy resins can be read on our Health & Safety page.

It is CRITICAL that you follow the instructions accurately. Do NOT change the mixing ratio - this will alter the properties of the resin and cause it to remain tacky.

We suggest warming the resin bottle before use by popping it on a radiator or standing the bottle in some recently boiled water for 5 minutes. This is to remove any crystals that may have formed, and to make the resin runnier and easier to use. Use 2 parts resin to 1 part hardener by volume (2:1) to ensure a hard casting once set. Use separate, clean mixing cups for each part. We advise you to pour the hardener first and then the resin into one clean, larger cup. The mixed components should be thoroughly stirred SLOWLY for 3-4 minutes to ensure an even consistency - this is a long time... set a timer on your phone.

Resin8 Slowcure Epoxy Resin has a long pot life of between 2 to 4 hours, depending on the temperature of your workspace. Epoxy resins tend to heat up when poured in large volumes so we advise you to only mix the amount needed for use within the pot life of the product. We advise you to mix no more than 5 litres at a time. If you prefer to weigh your resin, use accurate digital scales (not the old fashioned kitchen kind) and use the ratio of 100g resin to 42g hardener pro-rata.

This resin is designed to be used clear but it can also be coloured with our any non-water based pigments and powders on our site - opaque, transparent, metallic, etc. Temperature should be between 18 to 25ºC and humidity level below 70% (i.e. do not use in a room with drying laundry). A 2:1 mix will provide a hard casting. Should a new mix be applied onto cured resin, the contact surface should always be sanded in order to enhance adhesion, but only after 5 days. Pour the mixed resin into a mould made from silicone or plastic. NB. if your mould has a shiny interior the finished piece will be have a shiny surface, if it has a dull interior surface you can gently sand the surface of your finished piece and then add a thin layer of resin to bring up the shine. Once the resin is mixed and poured into the mould, gently pass warm air from a heat gun or hairdryer on slowest speed setting for no more than a couple of seconds, this will assist in removal of any bubbles generated during mixing. If you are adding alcohol inks DO NOT use a flame to remove bubbles, as alcohol is flammable.

If cured at 22ºC, finished pieces can be de-moulded after 19 hours. The reality of the weather in the UK though means this resin usually takes around 24-48 hours to cure. The optical mechanical properties will be achieved after 21 days at 20ºC, or 15 hours at 60ºC. We advise you to cure your resin pieces in a dust free environment, and keep in the dark for as long as possible.

  • Product Code:
  • Weight/Volume:
    1l resin, 500ml hardener
  • Mix Ratio:
    2:1 by volume
  • Pot Life:
    4 hours
  • Cure Time:
    19-48 hours
  • Shelf Life:
    12 months unopened
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