Round Pendant Bezels

Round Pendant Bezels

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Available in a variety of sizes, our Round Pendant Bezels have a pretty, textured base which looks amazing with transparent resin, and also helps to act as a key for the resin to stick to. Fill this jewellery bezel with glitter, mica powder, special effect paints and mixed media items, or seal a photo and make a keepsake pendant for a loved one.

  • MINI: This Mini Round Bezel is great for making children's jewellery or small charm keepsakes. Inside Dimensions: 20mm, depth: 3mm
  • SMALL: This Small Round Bezel is great for mini dirty pours or showing off your favourite glitter! Inside Dimensions: 25mm round, depth: 3mm
  • MEDIUM: Our silver-plated Medium Round Pendant Bezel has an integrated bail and a lightly textured background which helps the resin stick! Inside 30mm round, depth: 3mm
  • LARGE: Our super popular silver-plated Large Round Pendant Bezel is one of our best-sellers. It has a shiny interior and looks great filled with botanicals. Inside 38mm round, depth: 3mm

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We suggest using our dome-it resin for all stages of making resin jewellery in bezels. It works really well as an all-purpose resin and base layer. Make your jewellery look professional by using the resin clear on top (once the base layer has set) to create a high dome. The resin has a strong surface tension and it grips the sides of the bezel. Providing you pour slowly, and don't overpour, the resin will remain in a high arc on top of the jewellery mount. If you prefer coat-it, this can also be used for jewellery making - just make sure you warm Part A first!

Resin8's plated jewellery & findings are made from base metal (examples of which can include copper, zinc, nickel, and aluminium). Base metal jewellery and findings will tarnish a lot more quickly than precious metal jewellery (such as sterling silver). Here are our handy points to keep your jewellery and findings looking tiptop:

  • Keep findings and jewellery of the same metals/plating in the same container and store in airtight containers with some anti-tarnish paper. Both sterling silver and plated jewellery will tarnish in contact with air.
  • Remove jewellery when your skin is going to come into contact with liquids and chemicals (e.g. shampoo, alcohol gel, perfume, washing up liquid, bleach, etc).
  • Try not to wear your jewellery when carrying out basic jobs around the house (gardening, bathing) and deffo don't wear jewellery to the gym, pool or beach! Oils in our skin (and sweat!) will degrade the plating on the outer layer of base metal jewellery. 
  • The less you wear your jewellery, the slower the plating will fade. 
  • Avoid polishing or cleaning your jewellery excessively. This can cause unwanted wear and tear that could corrode the plating faster than normal.

Top tip: Pop a piece of masking tape on the surface next to your bezel... when you're filling the mount add a blob of resin to the tape - that way you can poke it with a cocktail stick (or your finger) to check if the resin is set, rather than ruining your hard work and putting a fingerprint on your masterpiece! 

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    20mm x 3mm depth
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    Closed Back Bezel
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