Seascape Colour & Texture Collection

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The Resin8 Seascape Colour & Texture Collection provides the perfect palette of pigment and textures needed to create stunning resin seascapes. Play and experiment with this range of marine-hued pigment including the famous Opaque White - essential for creating lacing and cells reminiscent of frothy waves.
In addition to opaque and transparent pigments this collection includes mica powders to add shimmering sweeps of colour to capture the look of sunlight catching the surface of water.

Complete your seascape by creating idyll beaches, bays or rock pools with the selection of natural sand, shell-scattered chunky sand and turquoise South Pacific Glass Crush.

The Seascape Colour & Texture Collection contains:
  • 30g White Opaque Pigment
  • 30g Deep Sea Blue Opaque Pigment
  • 20g Light Blue Transparent Pigment
  • 5g Almost Ice Mica Powder
  • 5g Kingfisher Mica Powder
  • 50g Dune Dreams - Fine Beach Sand
  • 50g Coarse Sand - Washed, dried and ready to use
  • 40g South Pacific - Micro Glass Crush
This collection contains 2 x opaque pigment, 1 x transparent pigment, 2 x mica powder, 3 x texture crush. The example board in the picture is not included.

Resin8 Opaque Pigment can be added to resin to produce strong, vibrant colours. Add up to 10% by volume of pigment to clear resin. You will only need a very small amount - the colours are intense and a little will go a long way. We suggest using a cocktail stick or mixing stick to extract the colour from the container. Inter-mix these flat colours together to create any colour in the spectrum.

Resin8 Transparent Pigment has amazing transparency, these tints produce stunning stained glass style effects and are super easy to use. Just shake the container gently and use a cocktail stick or mixing stick to extract the colour. Add up to 2% by volume to clear resin (2 parts per 100).

Resin8 Mica Powder is a high purity, cosmetic grade, pearlescent powder to add gorgeous shimmer to clear resin. The small micron size of this powder gives great cover and dispersion and you only need a tiny amount to create lustrous effects. Our mica powder is vegan friendly, cruelty free and ethically sourced - we do not buy from Indian mines who exploit children as workers. 

Chunky Sand - Island Beach This naturally coarse Scottish Island beach sand is ideal for making resin seascapes. Kiln-dried, this sand has been specially blended from regulated sources, rather than picked directly from the beach, and makes a great 3d addition to resin artwork. 

Fine Beach Sand is premium quality, natural, dust free, fine grained and excellent when used in Resin8 Sculpt & Cast as well as epoxy resin. Use in space and beach scenes, geodes and jewellery to create stunning textural effects.

Resin8 South Pacific Glass Crush is a mesmerising combination of transparent and opaque aqua glass chips which sparkle when combined with epoxy resin and allow you to create a textured focal point in your work. Being glass, the colour of the product will not fade over time. 
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    12 months
  • Contents:
    2 x opaque pigment, 1 x transparent pigment, 2 x mica powder, 3 x texture crush