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Señorita Magenta Pinata Alcohol Ink

Señorita Magenta Pinata Alcohol Ink

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Gorgeous Italian pink/purple
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Take your resin art and jewellery to the next level with Jacquard Pinata Alcohol Ink.

Purplish red, mauvish crimson, however you describe it it's pink... not purple... it's GORGEOUS.

Health & Safety:
  • Flammable - do not use a naked flame or torch to remove bubbles from resin that has been coloured with alcohol ink 
  • Keep out of the reach of children - this product contains alcohol
  • Eye irritant - keep away from the eyes. If you do, wash it immediately with plenty of water and consult your physician
  • MSDS - please click here for the Pinata alcohol ink MSDS

If you love creating fun, funky eyecandy with the minimum of fuss, you'll love petri art. Made popular by artist Josie Lewis, of Petrified Rainbow, this fabulous art form combines epoxy resin with alcohol inks to create three dimensional splashes of colour. Called petri art because it resembles the tiny particles found growing in petri dish experiments, this popular technique is simple to get started with as long as you get the basics right. 

The first thing you'll discover is that not all alcohol inks are created equal! We've experimented with different brands and have found Jacquard Pinata inks by far the best for making petri effects with epoxy resin. Some thinner alternatives tend to bleed, creating a murky, brown sludge. Pinata inks are highly saturated, fast drying and tend to hold their colour better. They're named after a Pinata toy because they truly POP.

Alcohol inks are not lightfast and will eventually fade. Humidity, temperature and the type of resins and additives you use may also affect how fast your project may lose its colour. Luckily Pinata inks are made with dye based colourants, which don't fade as much as some other alcohol inks, according to Jacquard. They recommend avoiding prolonged sunlight exposure.

As well as choosing the right brand, it's essential to select the correct resin to get the best effects when using alcohol inks. Generally, the more viscous resins, such as our coat-it epoxy resin, work best with alcohol inks. Our heat-resistant epoxy resin produces equally stunning results, and is perfect for coasters, although bear in mind that to be fully heat proof, it must have a clear, uncoloured layer of this special resin on top. Thinner resins don't tend to work as well because the alcohol ink sinks down to the bottom too fast and blends. If you only have thinner resin to hand, you could always let it semi-cure (set) before adding your alcohol inks. So for example, if you're using our fill-it epoxy resin, you might want to make your clear mix and then wait 12 hours or so before adding the ink.

Shake the bottle of alcohol ink well (making sure the lid is securely on) before use. If you would like to create the popular petri effect you will need the essential ingredient Pinatas own Blanco Blanco white ink. We often start with a drop of the white, followed by two drops of another colour, followed by a drop of the white and two drops of another colour but have fun and experiment! Putting the coloured ink before the white will get a different effect. Give both a try but remember that when it comes to petri art, less is usually more, and the white ink sinks the colours into the resin.

REMEMBER - Your barbecue lighter may be your favourite way of getting rid of pesky bubbles when you're working with resin. However, alcohol inks are incredibly flammable so whatever you do, keep a naked flame AWAY from resin that has been coloured with alcohol inks.

Other uses for alcohol inks
  • Mixing Pinata with alcohol produces a slightly lighter colour. When sponging this mixture, expect to see tiny bubble-like textures. This is very effective in making background papers and other interesting textural faux effects. Alcohol dropped or brushed on top of dry Pinata removes the shine. This is particularly effective on terracotta surfaces or in faux finishing techniques where shine would detract from the overall effect.
  • Spritz or brush layers of colour over colour. When wet, each layer will push aside the under layers creating amazing effects. Allowing each layer to dry will produce beautiful glazes and truly spectacular colors with clarity and depth.
  • Add blanco Blanco to any of the Pinata Colours and achieve a completely new glowing range of pastel variations with a touch of opacity
  • Resists: Crayons: draw with various colours and apply Pinata. Wax.: following directions from the manufacturer, apply melted wax to fabric. Crinkle the fabric allowing the wax to crack, then apply Pinata. Iron the wax away to create beautiful batik effects. Gum Arabic: mix gum arabic with water to a heavy cream consistency. Apply this to a rubber stamp or paint it directly onto a surface. Apply  Pinata. Gently wash away the gum arabic.
  • Nothing is as beautiful as Pinata sprayed onto vellum.
  • Dye skeleton leaves into brilliant bursts of seasonal colours.
  • Mica powders are glorious with Pinata alcohol inks.
  • Try Pinata  on seashells, metal, leather foiled paper, yupo paper, fabric, plastic, wood, cellophane, acetate, glass, air-dry clay, precious metal clay, the list goes on!
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  • Caution:
    Flammable - do not use a torch or naked flame