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Shiny Extras

A gorgeous selection of super shiny things to add some glitz and glamour to epoxy resin. All items have been tried and tested in house by us!

Angelina Fibre is a unique, lustrous, glittery fibre that bonds together with heat. It is light reflective and luminescent and adds sparkle to your resin.

Microbeads (nail caviar) are perfect for adding tiny hints of colour to resin jewellery. They're also good for covering up micro-bubbles!!). Ours are metal - better for the environment. Talking of the environment, our eco-glitter is a mineral based biodegradeable mica with a large particle size and oodles of sparkle!

Our Resin8 Metal Flake has a large flake size, which can be easily made smaller with a pair of tweezers. It is again ideal for using as decoration in either clear or coloured resin.