Silicone Cone Orgonite Mould

Silicone Cone Orgonite Mould

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create environmental vibrations
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This high quality semi-translucent cone mould makes a resin cone, perfect for use as an orgonite. Choose from 6, 5 or 3cm.

The 6cm mould is 7.5mm deep and takes approximately 60ml of resin to fill
The 5cm mould is 6.5cm deep and takes approximately 40ml of resin to fill.
The 3cm mould is 3.5cm deep and takes approximately 8ml of resin to fill.

Orgonite is essentially a 3-d resin shape filled with quartz crystals and metals that harmonise energy. For a true orgone shape you should use a 50:50 mix of resin and metal shavings and add a quartz crystal to give off a charge when the resin cures.

You can see what you're casting due to the mould's transparency and provided you look after your mould carefully it can be used over and over again. However, adding metal to the mould will shorten the mould's lifespan as it may push it out of shape. Expect at least 8 uses before you may need to replace the mould, or have to give finished pieces an extra coat of resin for shine.

Our silicone moulds can be re-used time and again providing they are looked after well. Keep them in the bag they come to you in, don't use a flame near the mould (use a heat gun instead) and be careful when de-moulding - try not to scratch the mould with long nails or bend it out of shape too much. 

If your casting comes out dull it could be that the mould has come to the end of its life (or that the mould doesn't have a shiny interior surface). You can keep using moulds that are past their best - it just takes a little more effort. Add a thin layer of resin to the casting or use polish and a cloth to bring up the shine.
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    50mm diameter x 65mm depth