Small Oval Antique Silver Pendant Bezel

Small Oval Antique Silver Pendant Bezel

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18 x 13mm oval
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This Small Oval Antique Silver Pendant Bezel is perfect for creating whimsical pendants or charms. It has a textured back giving it a distinct charm. Fill this jewellery bezel with glitter, your favourite mica powder or a tiny photograph to create a loving keepsake.

Inner dimensions of bezel: 18 x 13mm oval
Depth: 1.5mm

We suggest using our dome-it resin for all stages of making resin jewellery in bezels. It works really well as an all-purpose resin and base layer. Make your jewellery look professional by using the resin clear on top (once the base layer has set) to create a high dome. The resin has a strong surface tension and it grips the sides of the bezel. Providing you pour slowly, and don't overpour, the resin will remain in a high arc on top of the jewellery mount.

To create keepsake jewellery using photographs, coat photographs first with several layers of Mod Podge.

Resin8's plated jewellery bezels are all made from nickel, lead and cadmium-free base metal. Usually this base metal is a zinc alloy, but some of our jewellery mounts have a stainless steel base. Please note these bezels will require the addition of a jump ring or snap bail to allow a chain to be connected. Fill our pendants, bracelets, earrings and other bezels with clear or coloured resin. Top tip: Pop a piece of masking tape on the surface next to your bezel... when you're filling the mount add a blob of resin to the tape - that way you can poke it with a cocktail stick (or your finger) to check if the resin is set, rather than ruining your hard work and putting a fingerprint on your masterpiece! Check out our youtube channel for helpful hints and instagram feed for inspiration.
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    18 x 13mm
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    Closed Back Bezel