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Let your resin jewellery, artwork and crafts SPARKLE with Resin8 glitter.

Resin8's eco-glitter is hugely versatile and perfect for replacing conventional glitter in any crafts (from soap making to nail art), it is also cosmetic grade so can be added into products for face and body use.

For adding the ultimate sparkle to your epoxy resin artwork or craft why not try our best-selling Aurora colourshift glitter, this glitter is super sparkly and has the most incredible sparkling rainbow iridescence.

For a statement piece or adding texture to resin art try our range of chunky and really chunky glitters. These glitters can be used to replace conventional glitters in any craft and can also be used in cosmetics for the face and body.

Our crushed crystal, shimmering shards of glass. Dazzling and eye catching, this crystal glass glitter gives show-stopping shine when used as texture on resin pieces, or adding light-reflecting highlights on statement pendants.




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