Sterling Silver Bead & Snake Chain - 18"

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graceful & flexible
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Exquisitely unique, this Sterling Silver Bead & Snake Chain is both graceful and flexible. Featuring a smooth pattern of tightly connected rings, the snake chain has the appearance of snakeskin and has beads (or satellites) evenly spaced at 12mm intervals. This satellite snake chain will hold a dainty resin pendant and comes complete with a soldered sterling silver sprung bolt ring which is simple to undo and closes securely.
  • Measurements: 18" (45cm) long
  • Fitting: Soldered bolt ring
  • Chain gauge: 1.97mm
  • Weight: 4.29g
  • Made in the UK - supporting British manufacturing
  • Sold individually
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Made from 925 Sterling Silver (stamped)
Snake chains have an unusual semi-rigid form, which makes them susceptible to kinking. We recommend storing snake chains hanging up or carefully coiled to avoid them becoming squashed and misshapen.

How to care for your precious metal jewellery:
Wrapping sterling silver jewellery and findings in acid-free tissue paper will protect them from the atmosphere and mean they are less likely to tarnish. If your sterling silver has tarnished this could be due to perspiration while wearing the piece, a reaction caused by cosmetics & perfume, or even from chemicals that occur naturally in the air. The black tarnish can easily be removed using an impregnated silver polishing cloth.
  • For yourself: Each time you wear a piece of sterling silver jewellery you should give it a quick polish before you put it away with a silver cloth. Wrap it in acid-free tissue paper and store safely in a box.
  • For makers: When your resin piece is finished and ready to be sold polish it carefully using a silver polishing cloth. We suggest wearing cotton gloves while polishing (as skin is acidic and will cause premature tarnishing, not to mention you will leave fingerprints all over the resin and the silver), wrapping the piece in acid-free tissue paper and putting straight into a biodegradable ziplock bag or box to prevent air getting to the piece.
  • Product Code:
  • Size:
    18" (45cm) long
  • Material:
    925 Sterling Silver
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