The Opaque Kit & Caboodle - Resin Pigment Bundle

The Opaque Kit & Caboodle - Resin Pigment Bundle

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The Opaque Kit & Caboodle - 50 of our most popular opaque colours! 

Make resin artwork and jewellery using the ULTIMATE collection of unbeatable colour with this cost-saving, inspiration-creating bundle of 50 opaque pigments. Ideal for those of you wanting to show your customers colour choices, these liquid paste pigments are designed to provide a flat colour and are perfect for use in all of our resins.

Colours: White, Black, Deep Sea Blue, Vintage Rose, Inky Depths, French Manicure, Bubblegum, Barely There, Tresco, Coral, Cayman Shore, Fossil Grey, Pale Lilac, Forest Green, Deep Plum, Blood Red, Mellow Yellow, Purple, Light Blue, Emerald Green, Pastel Peach, Parchment, Red, Turquoise, Peppermint, Yellow, Midnight Blue, Orange, Storm Cloud, Highland Heather . . . plus another 20 more gorgeous tones!

Strong, long-lasting, and oh so vibrant - our best-selling range of Opaque Resin Pigments will add intense flat colours to your resin work. Bold and vibrant, these colours are lightfast and have an excellent tolerance to fading in prolonged sunlight. A little goes a LONG way, they are highly concentrated and must be pre-mixed with resin for use.

For optimum dispersion you will need to stir these pigments first. They are thick and creamy, which is what allows for the beautiful bold and dense coverage. If you would like a more washed out effect you can add less pigment, but these will not give you a translucent look (for that you need our transparent tints).

With a well bonded chemical structure, our opaque pigments are more resistant to heat than other pigments which means you can happily manipulate these colours with a heat tool with minimal bubbling, blistering or separation.

Top tips for use:

  • Stir first: these colours can separate from their binder. This is completely normal - it just needs a good mix up
  • Intermix: you can create any colour under the sun with our opaque pigments - try mixing two colours in a small pot prior to adding to your resin mix
  • Use sparingly: the general rule of thumb is to use up to 10% by volume to your resin mix (1 part pigment to 10 parts resin mix). Any more than this and you will interfere with the resin ratio – resulting in your work curing with a tacky or flexible finish. We like to think about the amounts to use in terms of nuts & seeds... for 20mls resin you need a SESAME seed sized amount of pigment; for 40mls a PINE NUT, for 100mls a SUNFLOWER SEED; and for 250ml a CASHEW NUT sized amount of pigment.
  • Add to resin: these pigments do not work like traditional paints (and can't be used to paint with on paper or canvas) - they must be pre-mixed with resin 
  • Adding to JESMONITE: These pigments are not designed for use with JESMONITE and will appear much lighter in colour if added. As they can affect the cure of JESMONITE, we recommend using our range of specially-designed JESMONITE pigments instead.

Please note - we fill all of our tubs by hand, and weigh every single one. Some pigments are more dense than others, which means some tubs will appear to have less pigment in than others, but rest assured each and every one has been weighed accurately. 

Health & Safety:

  • Resin8 Opaque Pigments are not classed as toxic. However, they should not be ingested and they should be kept out of the reach of children
  • We suggest wearing nitrile gloves, or using a barrier cream, while working with epoxy resin and we always advise against eating, drinking or smoking while working
  • For more information on how to stay safe while working with resin please visit our Health & Safety page
  • You can download a full MSDS and TDS for every colour here.
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    12 Months
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