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totalCAST Art Casting Resin

totalCAST Clear Artwork Resin is a revolutionary hybrid polymer resin that produces an optically clear, high gloss finish. This ASTM certified ( D-4236) non-hazardous and non-toxic formulation represents cutting edge polymeric technology and was developed to offer unrivalled user-friendliness and a crystal clear result every time.  

This resin is primarily used to coat and seal artwork on canvas, wood, mdf, glass, perspex, concrete and metal. We also think totalCAST is great for making resin jewellery and shallow castings such as pendants. totalCAST resin has a 1:1 mix ratio, it is UV stable and has built in air release agents. It is non-toxic, odour free, VOC free, solvent free and bisphenol free. It can be applied by pouring, brush or roller and can be pigmented with any non water based pigments on our site.
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