A selection of short videos to inspire you with your resin jewellery creations. Our thanks to everyone who has contributed with a video. Watch directly on our YouTube channel here.

Clare shows you how to make a vibrant orange colour using Resin8 opaque pigments
Tallulah Does The Hula demonstrates with Resin8 1 to 1 Epoxy Resin and resi-METALs
Demonstrating the difference in consistencies between regular resin and gel resin Demonstrating how to work with the crystal clear Resin8 Slowcure Epoxy Resin
Making jewellery from the water-based JESMONITE acrylic system How to add a doming layer of resin on top of an already cured resin pendant
How to use the Resin8 mica powders in clear resin jewellery and art How to remove bubbles from resin using a BBQ lighter (nb. only for a few seconds)
How to use, measure and mix opaque pigments and pastes in clear resin How to get resin off an acrylic block
(nb. you may need to warm the block)
How to smooth the back of a resin casting that has rough edges How to drill a hole in a cast resin decoration using a hand drill or dremel
The basics of making resin jewellery - a cold enamel tutorial (our first!) Jewellery Maker TV
Getting started with resin jewellery
Jewellery Maker TV
28th July 2015
Jewellery Maker TV
06th December 2015